Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm back, and so are Meso Sacks?

Well I'm back from my three-day vacation and I guess so are mesos sacks?
WOW... Meso Sacks...
This year, they are still selling them in three sack. (rare, unique and epic). With them giving random amounts of mesos. So you can try your luck on them.

Anyways.... I'm not so keen on them because of my dreadful incident last year with them... I wanted to just try them out for some mesos. BUT the first try I only got 1,000,000 mesos, so i tried again, and I got 5 million. And so after that I thought I wasn't going to waste another 5k NX on them.

Well thats the end of my story, but you can buy them if you want. Just prepare to be surprised OR disappointed.

This is a bit late but if you didn't know, post-bigbang, it's possible to get 99.99% exp! Yay! But inmagine if you died level 199 with 99.99% exp. I would be mad <:(. Haha

One of my other characters getting 99.99%

See you soon! :D

Happy Mapling!