Friday, 3 June 2011

Cake vs Pie & Artefact Hunt

Hello all!

It seems I'm able to quickly post about the Cake vs Pie and the Artefact Hunt. Well for the Cake vs Pie, when you log in, you will get assigned to a team without your choice. Then you would have hunt monsters to get cake/pie pieces to donate. Then you have to wait for a battle and if you win/lose, you will still get rewarded with cake pieces!
Me with the pie/cake bosses/lords
For the artifact hunt, you get an one hour permit to hunt for monsters and get the "mysterious artifacts". Once you get more than 5000 of those, you can get a hat and glasses that last for three days. I personally think this isn't worth it but if you make it into the top ten of the week, it will be permanent. So aim for the top! Also nexon has put up these 2x point card for 3 hours, one day, or one week.

Me and gaga  =P
Well I said it got to be quick, so I'm finished. See you in two days!