Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm back, and so are Meso Sacks?

Well I'm back from my three-day vacation and I guess so are mesos sacks?
WOW... Meso Sacks...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Cake vs Pie & Artefact Hunt

Hello all!

It seems I'm able to quickly post about the Cake vs Pie and the Artefact Hunt. Well for the Cake vs Pie, when you log in, you will get assigned to a team without your choice. Then you would have hunt monsters to get cake/pie pieces to donate. Then you have to wait for a battle and if you win/lose, you will still get rewarded with cake pieces!
Me with the pie/cake bosses/lords
For the artifact hunt, you get an one hour permit to hunt for monsters and get the "mysterious artifacts". Once you get more than 5000 of those, you can get a hat and glasses that last for three days. I personally think this isn't worth it but if you make it into the top ten of the week, it will be permanent. So aim for the top! Also nexon has put up these 2x point card for 3 hours, one day, or one week.

Me and gaga  =P
Well I said it got to be quick, so I'm finished. See you in two days!

I'll be back! in three days

For me it's long weekend! Farewell for three days, I'm on holidays. Happy mapling! See you soon!

I'll post something about Cake vs Pie and the new Artifact Hunt as soon as possible!
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Come on friend me on facebook!

I just set up an account on facebook! Check it out! =P

Add me as a friend if you want please? :3

Happy Maple Anniversary!

Hello all :) Happy late 6th Anniversary!

I'm back! Well here's my opinion of this years Maple Story Anniversary. When I first logged in, I noticed the family loyalty attendance medal thing (forgot what it was called) which I saw on the maple story website. It is awesome! You have to get it (for lower levels it is a MUST). It takes 17 days to get the best medal unfortunately but lucky we got a long time to do this and you don't even have to log on everyday.

I also noticed was the maple tree and the balloon party quest. This year, even though Nexon promised to increase the measures on hackers, still there's vacuum hacks! Also I fail at that party quest, my party always loses (Oh well I can't be bothered to keep trying).

Also monsters now drop maple leafs, which if you manage to collect five hundred, you can exchange it to Cassandra for one silver coin. Most of the prizes need 10+ coins except for the “Under the Maple Tree Chair” for only two coins (which I suggest to farm). There are also time limited items which I don't really suggest you to get!

If you haven't heard already, there was an exploit on Chaos Scrolls and they won't be selling those any more so yeah. Unfortunately they let the exploiters get away with the Chaos scrolls, so now they are cheap as dirt.

Last tip: If you can afford NX, there is a really cheap little hat only 600nx, Much cheaper than the invisible hat it lasts for one whole year! So buy it while you can! (Update: Well now you can't because it's gone.)

Well till next time...
I'm practicably getting no views at all come on, tell all your friends! :D

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hello Maplers! :D

Hello all!

I'm Oryptic and I play Global Maple Story(GMS). On this blog, I'll try to post regular content on GMS events and rants and all those lovely stuff! =). I hope you will keep reading and have fun playing Maple Story. I might also put up tips and tricks and videos (hopefully if i can figure it out). Keep on Mapling!

Btw: I'm a Lv123 Bishop in Scania, feel free to wisp me?